We Were Alive, We Were Alone

Published on December 22, 2009 at 3:01am UTC

While I like to write about the many things that concern and interest me (religion, natural history, politics, philosophy, etc.), I am primarily a poet and songwriter. I find it easiest to convey my ideas and epiphanies through music. Lately, I have been really considering why I do the things I do and have been delving into the many different accounts and beliefs of how we all got here. I still chose to live within the Christian faith. Many times I have been forced to ask myself, why? Ultimately, it is because I believe in striving for something higher than myself. Love that transcends, well... everything else. I find that in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and they still move me in ways that few other writings can. I am fascinated by the way that these ancient ideas still live on. I appreciate the way that they influence the actions of the faith community I belong to in helping the greater community to which we consider ourselves servants. I also still find the familiar traditions of Christianity to be helpful and meaningful in my life. Have I stumbled on some unchanging ultimate Truth? I cannot be so arrogant to think so. What I can say is that, for my life, I believe I am better for it. In thinking about all of this, I decided to write my own human mythology. One that makes more sense from where I am now. Its a song. I still don't know if it will make it into my regular catalogue or not, but either way I want to share it. I hope I have gained some better understanding of who I am from this. I think I have. We Were Alive, We Were Alone We woke up in a world of life And gazed upon the evening sky One hundred billion lights Heaven spirits to guide the night With a twinkle in our eye Deep in Eden, cradled tight The morning-god began to rise On the dawn of the human mind We were alive. Then we came down from the trees To golden plains and crystal seas And we spread our holy seed As far as the eye could see Then we let our garden grow And we reaped what we had sown But somewhere deep within our soul We wanted to be known We were alone. Then the voices in our head Spoke of life beyond the dead And every word that they said Felt like heaven's very breath We built alters to the sun We searched for the chosen one When we looked back at all we'd done We still stood where we had begun All the gods that we had made Could not pull us past the grave Still we worshipped, still we prayed Still we were longing to be saved We could be right, we could be wrong While we are weak we still are strong Searching for the place where we belong Our salvation won't be long We will live on We will live on We will live on. Copyright 2009 Drew Stedman

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