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I was not baptized as a Baptist, but my parents enrolled me in a Baptist academy that believes in the “literal truth” of the Bible. There were some times that we had to stop our work (classes are modular, where we were given these things called PACEs) to let the supervisor (the main teacher) deliver […]

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When I was younger, my father had me accept Jesus into my heart. Currently, I consider myself a Humanist.

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Im am 49 year old who spent 30 Years as a Charasmatic Born Again Missionary/Youth Pastor/Worship Leader….done, tired, starting over happily but with emotional fallout

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The testimony of my deconversion is tied to my conversion story. Both events were planted in the same revelation – a conversation my mother had with me as a young boy. That conversation is etched deep, painfully deep, in my consciousness.

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Palin is on a mission from God and she’s fighting a spiritual war. While that may sound extreme, it is exactly the mindset she has. It fits the bible-believing fundamentalist/evangelical subculture she is part of and it fits her language and behavior. Most people who have not been a “born-again” true believer do not realize what all of this really means.

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This is my ’spiritual’ or more accurately, ‘psycho-spiritual-reflective’, autobiography I wrote for my senior seminar in theology class in college. I’ve since revised it and will continue to as my life unfolds. Hopefully some people can find it helpful and/or relate partially to it. I encourage everyone do this reflection ‘exercise’, as I found it incredibly helpful and life-giving. The art of knowing thyself (for theological/psychological purposes or just in general) is so important and yet very undervalued in our busy-busy culture.

Visit my blog at jasherwilliamson.wordpress.com for more reflections on issues of recovering from fundamentalism, religious addiction, healing, grace, etc.

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I visited Japan and ran across a statue of a dog I’d never heard of before. The dog came every day with his master to the train station and waited at the platform all day until his master returned from work. One day his master died while at work, and the dog waited for the rest of his life for his master to return, never leaving the station. Each day at the correct time he would sit and look at everyone getting off the train to see if his master was among them. The dog, named Hachiko, was remembered by the memorial where I stood.

The story gripped my heart. I realized I was like Hachiko. I was patterning my entire life around an event—the return of Jesus—that was never going to happen. Once I allowed myself to be open to the painful truth, it crashed down upon me like a sledgehammer. There was no happy eternal ending for me. This life is all there is, and I was wasting it by waiting for a master who would never return.

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