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Thanks for creating this site. I just started describing myself as a recovering fundamentalist a few days ago. Oh, I knew it was coming, but I went kicking and screaming. Renouncing my faith is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. While I think I’m an agnostic, I see no possibility of ever embracing the […]

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I author two blogs, Hot-For-Jesus Former Fundie and teandoranges. I hope that by telling my story others will be encouraged to tell theirs.

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I got down on my knees confessed my sins, repented as much as I knew how, and accepted Christ into my heart. It was a mind-altering experience for me. In my mind’s eye I visualized the Creator of all physically with me in the room. I felt overwhelmed with what I believed was a personal and direct manifestation of the LORD. I cried and cried. The emotional cleansing and reality of that moment has never left me, and as I write about it now, it comes alive once again.

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I was involved with The Way International, a biblical fundamentalist group (considered by most as a cult), from 1977 through 2005, ages 18 to 46. I was involved with the leadership training program, The Way Corps, and lived for two years on three of the (then) four ‘root’ locations. I served as a Word Over the World Ambassador, which was The Way’s outreach program. During my fourth year of involvement with The Way, I developed asthma and an over-responsive immune system. I believe much of the health issues I experienced for decades were a result of shame and suppressed emotion. Most of my 28 years of involvement I served in some sort of lay leadership capacity.

Prior to The Way I was involved with the Charismatic movement (5 months), a fundamentalist Baptist Church (1 year), Transcendental Meditation (1-1/2 years), psychedelic and other drugs (15 months), and attended a Methodist church some in my childhood.

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I’ve left Christianity altogether now. To be honest, it hurt like hell. I didn’t lose just a belief system, but a whole culture that I was raised in and that had become a huge part of my life.

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I was in the religious group for 19 years. Was told I was “saved by grace”, but there were always religious hoops I needed to jump through…I got tired, tired of trying to measure up.

I could never do enough, but held on for years because verbally we were told we were “saved by grace”…but that wasn’t the reality of the burdens heaped on us.

Been out for almost 3 years….YAAAY! Thank God!
There’s hope after an abusive religious experience!!!

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