Story of Recovery: Tony Degrazia

I married into the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in 1983. By 1994, I was attending Concordia College, St. Paul, to become a Director of Christian Outreach for the LCMS. Ironically, it was the education I received at a conservative Christian college that caused me to start to question the literal interpretation of the Bible that the denomination believed in. Having two daughters, I started questioning why the LCMS did not ordain women. One tract I unearthed from deep in their library stated that the only reason that a woman would want to become a pastor was to have authority over men. I thought that a man that would also want to have authority over everyone should also be banned from the ministry. In the end, I lost my wife, sacrificed my career because of my doubts, but I would never, ever, want to go back to chosen ignorance, and mainlining righteousness just to feel superior over others. Fundamentalist Anonymous saved the rest of my life, and I am thankful to any organization that helps to free others.