Story of Recovery: Samson

This US prepresidential Election Megabillion Theater Show thingy, should transform everybody who calls him/herself a independant living organism who claims to have an own opinion, into a raging berzerk who feels, hmmmmm ...... FOOLED !!! A democracy based on two choices ??? A country based on the principles of freedom of speech, the country of unlimited possibilities, the place where dreams come true .... a damn WWF show including ladders, chairs, some smalldicked anabolica clowns and a referree is, and writing this makes me almost throw up, more likly to be called a realistic sports event based on the skills of the opponents than the elections have to do with competence, credibility and honest meant politics, informing the voting population in a neutral way about the pros and contras of the candidates. Of the 2 candidates. What of u do not like the choice between Sodom and Gomora ? Then the special trick kicks in .... you have the freedom not to vote!!! Vut if u do so, then better not complain about the outcome, u could have influenced it. Every strange Japanese entertainment show including school girl uniforms, living sea fruits, used underwear and half naked table soccer challanges against blindfolded silverback Gorillas has more class than the bullshit we have to read and hear about the 2 guys who r running for the position of the President of the United States of America.