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Published on Friday, July 13, 2012 By recoverystories

When I was younger, my father had me accept Jesus into my heart. This came from a discussion that we had while he was picking me up from my mother’s house. I asked him “What happens when we die?”

My father, being a Christian, explained the concept of Hell to me. As a seven year old kid, this scared me. So I accepted Jesus, went to church, so on and so forth.

In high school, when everyone wants to think different, I started to consider the existence of God or any other deity. Over the four years of high school, and I slowly began to lose my religion. As I entered college, I fell on the line between Atheist and Agnostic.

I decided to tell my parents that I did not believe in God. My father lost it and no longer talks to me, my mother just shrugged, but my step father encouraged me to continue to think what I want to think.

Currently, I consider myself a Humanist. I act nice to others because I want to, not because I’m afraid to burn in Hell. I donate money that I don’t need to those that don’t have what I have. All of my close friends are religious to a point, with one currently in the process of becoming a priest. Though he says that I’m not a “true” atheist, he is supportive of my views.

If it weren’t for my friends willing to accept my status as a non-believer, I would still be hiding it from everyone.

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Recovering From: born-again Christian
Location: Ohio
Home Town: Ohio
Current Belief: Humanist

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