Story of Recovery: Matt

Hi, I'm Matt and I'm a recovering evangelical.

I was brought up in a loving, but very conservative evangelical home. Went to Uni and then got a job in a church. But after three years working for a church I slowly started to see a greater difference to what I believed and life.

Now in my late twenties I have accepted that I'm not longer an evangelical, and I'm still recovering. I haven't explicitly told my parents, but they know I'm no longer interested in faith issues. They also put a lot of pressure on me to married to a nice Christian girl.

Now I feel I'm in recovery mode. I still beat myself up for not being who I think I should be and constantly seek approval from others. I don't feel I can accept myself for who I am, because I've always been taught that I am sinner. I feel inexperienced in relationships and feel others won't understand.

Now trying to build a more honest life while recovering as an evangelical.

Thanks for reading.