Story of Recovery: Mark Stidham

Well the breaking point came when I was a certified Assembly of God minister. I pastored a couple of years then went to another church and took over as Youth direcor. After three years I began to dislike the direction of the church as a whole and some of the 'shady' things concerning purchasing some property and a building and an outreach center, I left. Shortly after leaving the church I was commanded to break ALL contact with the youth or other members of the church or face disciplinary measures by the district. Some of the youth had already been part of broken homes, and although I wasn't trying to drag anyone away I couldn't refuese their phone calls, visits and emails. So I resigned.

God put people, people I love dearly, in my life with different sexual orinetations than what is supposedly accepted and people of different beliefs. I started studying some material about Universalism, Universal salvation, about the myth of Hell and how it isn't really alluded to in the Bible as it is preached in most churches. Also about Rapture myth and where that came form etc. In a sense I am glad that all that happened so I could explore for myself and not just what someone says about it.

Other things happened concerning that whole deal but I am able to recognize 'werewolf' types better, people who seem one way but then change and turn on you in a second.


I am now free to love ANYONE no matter what and that has to be what Jesus taught.