Story of Recovery: Larry

The teaching of myth to children is child abuse. My first introduction to the consequences of religious myth came shortly after my birth in a bizarre "surgery" called circumcision. For whatever medical excuses are ascribed to justify it, this mutilation is a heinous crime against children and it's roots are purely religious. Routine infant circumcision has absolutely nothing to do with medicine and should be considered in the same category as any other unpriviledged contact with a child.

Sunday School teachers told me the "good news" that I have to believe in Jesus or go to burn in hell for eternity. So I believed. I believed until I was 45 and supported the lies of Christianity through giving and teaching Sunday School myself.

I married under the cloud of Christianity. As we started a family, I was always pressing the boundaries of a more liberal and ecumenical faith. I didn't want my children circumcised. That caused problems with the church leadership early on and they tried to work against me through my wife. But I prevailed and the church quietly tolerated it. When it was time to send our children to school, I had to spend an enormous amount of effort just to get the children enrolled in public school instead of sending them to the Christian school. The church tolerated this for a short while and then began working hard against me again through my wife. I didn't actually stop believing in Jesus until the day the church tried to destabilize my family through frivolous court action. Their activity was so intensely immoral, that after 45 years of belief I was able to completely heal myself of all Christian beliefs within a month.

After several years, it was clear that I wasn't coming back to Jesus. Resources from a trio of churches in the area (ones who would otherwise not even respect each other's version of Christianity) got together to destabilize my family. I believe in love, commitment, responsibility and fidelity so I defended my marriage for an additional 6 years of onslaught by the church where they were continually trying to destabilize my family, finally pursuing separation and ultimately divorce. I finally had to settle with my wife at the urging of a judge. The judge had through several hearings indicated that the children would be living with me in any settlement. The churches found this acceptable in the end since none of children was about to believe anyway and in the leaders minds we were all worthy only of Hell because of our unbelief.