Story of Recovery: Joe Erwin

I am from a family of Seventh-day Adventists (great grandparents on mom's side and grandparents on dad's side). As a child I lived on a remote ranch in coastal northern California. We had a home school that was accredited through the SDA educational system. When we moved to town I went to church schools through high school and into college (Pacific Union College). I entered the US Army as a drafted "objector" (1AO) to war as a means of solving problems. I was stationed at the Heidelberg Army Hospital in Germany, where I worked as a medical corpsman. I was fortunate to be able to travel some in Europe.

After returning from active duty I enrolled in a community college and then transferred to University of the Pacific. These were my first experiences in non-SDA schools, and I found the biological and geological information available did not fit with the YEC perspective I had been taught. I continued through graduate school at UC Davis and a research post-doc at U of Washington, and have had a very rich and fulfilling life as a zoological curator, scientific editor, and scientist (applied psychology and primatology). I am now a semi-retired independent consultant, living comfortably with my wife of 40 years in rural south-central Pennsylvania.