Story of Recovery: Joan

My parents drank the koolaid of the "Charismatic" movement/"Moral Majority." It got to a point where it was "we're moving to Guyana, kids" bad. If Pat Robertson had been Jim Jones, we would be buried in a mass grave now. The parents I knew became babbling idiots who prayed for us rather than take us to the doctor. When I developed mono, I ran a fever of 104 and hallucinated. Still, no docs. Thankfully my aunt dropped by when my temp rose to 105 and I had seizure. She told them they were nuts and took me to the ER. Oh, and those family values? Out of the 3 kids, I am bi-polar with PTSD, my brother is an alcoholic, and my sister is acutely schizophrenic. Great, huh?

Now my folks are Tea-baggers and haters. I cannot be around them without shaking. I have not spoken to them in over a year. No one could EVER understand what it is like when very intelligent kids who think for themselves are forced to attend ridiculous meetings, healing services, conventions revivals, etc. They see their parents undergo religious lobotomies and they are berated if they refuse to fall for the slimy preachers, con artists, and "evangelists." Anyway, there is SO much more, as I am sure you all know.

Thanks for being here!