Story of Recovery: Ian Montez

I was born into a church going family and I had learned the basics while growing up. My family split when I was 7 and I didn't know the answer as to why everything was happening. Fast foward to when I was ten, I was drawing and doodling during a sermon. As usual I didn't catch anything from it, but was scared when my stepfather and mother were telling me about the possibility of going to hell even if I attended church every sunday for the rest of my life. I accepted that day, but no one did anything after that...I spent those years trying to find what truth was right for me. I liked science but "cool kids" outgrow that. So I followed my friends who were going out and experimenting, like drugs, sex, etc...I tried to follow suit but to no avail I was so heavily burdened by this everyday. I just couldn't get things right. And then, my first year in college I got reacquainted with my original faith. Then my knowlege, my understandig grew outstandingly. I could look back and see how all the things in my life, good and bad, shaped up and I knew I wasn't looking at a coincidence. I saw things for how they really were. Now even though my life is not perfect, I realize that if it were, what good would the one who I had given my to almost ten years back be for me? I was changed for the better, no question. I was once a selfish person and now I care for all. I am burdened by people's state in life whether it be physically, emotionally, financially, and yes spiritually. Now my heart recently has grown really large for those agnostic and misagnostic. So here I am now to serve you...(: <3 <3<3<3