Story of Recovery: Grace Peterson

It began when I was a kid, the feeling of impending doom. Something terrible was going to happen at any moment. A nebulous yet all-consuming fear of the unknown gripped me?by day. By night, it was an all-consuming encounter with evil. A malevolent phantom became Legion and the lines blurred. I became it, them?pure evil. Me, a young person just trying to find God. Why was I so tormented?

After the birth of my fourth child, the anxiety became intolerable. I needed to get help. But this was 1993, before Andrea Yates. A time when postpartum mental health was still a secret malady that new moms suffered alone. I didn?t understand what was wrong with me.

?Why don?t you see this guy who does ?deliverance?,? my friend suggested, not aware of even a fraction of my secret battles.
The Church leaders seemed to approve of this guy I?ll call ?Brock.? He was the craze of the moment, the new kid in town, a man with the cure for what ails struggling Christians. Everyone was seeing him for deliverance?the modern term for exorcism. Their lives were better because of it. So, despite my abhorrence for fads, I acquiesced. My husband set up an appointment.

The details of my seven-years with Brock, seeking freedom from night terrors, anxiety and OCD are detailed in my memoir, titled, REACHING. During those years, I learned that my father was Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor conducting master race experiments at Auschwitz during WWII. I learned that my grandfather, a thirty-third degree Mason was well-known among the Illuminati elite and made hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling my sister and me for sexual exploitation and experimentation. I learned that I was a Monarch, programmed by the government for assignments I was amnesic to.

According to Brock, my childhood memories of abuse and neglect were ?cover? memories and not to be trusted. ?Normal? abuse couldn?t possibly impose the kind of symptoms I suffered, he told me.

Being a member of a cult has its benefits. There is the self-importance that comes with being a member of the master race. And knowing that TV commercials are ?triggers? for certain people; and being able to spot an abuser; and knowing that all of pop culture is about working towards a New World Order. Oh the self-importance. It does an ego good!

Now, almost 15 years post Brock, I am no longer a jumble of nerves, either awake or asleep. I hold a fulltime job and have written two books. I have friends and I laugh. I have 4 amazing grown children and a loving husband who stood beside me through it all. I don?t deny that there is evil in the world and I would be presumptuous to claim there is no Illuminati or Monarch slaves or New World Order. Just that I wasn?t one of them. Brock misdiagnosed me.

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Thank you for reading. I wish you well on your journey to wholeness.