Story of Recovery: Dia

I was raised Methodist but "accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior" after a bad car crash at the age of16 left me questioning more. Went on to get a BA in Theology/Biblical Studies and living in Jerusalem for a year to learn more and be where Jesus lived. I was "on fire", "radical". But before long my psyche couldn't take it and I told God that I had to "take a break " from Him or I was going to kill myself. I went through a long and sometimes agonizing stripping of my beliefs, one piece at a time. I remained spiritual, as I always was, but after the eight-year stripping process and another five or more beyond, I feel finally free. If I envision any kind of God, it is not what I used to envision! And getting that BA in Biblical history, interpretation, and archaeology did NOT help! Wow. There is certainly lot that most Christians don't know - not that I think it would matter since it is all about "Faith"! I hope this website gives some people the courage to "come out of the closet" as I feel the process was like.