Story of Recovery: Brian

At some point as time allows I would like to share my story as so many others have on this website. For now I would just like to say thank you to all who post their journeys from faith on here for others to read.

Your stories have given me courage and comfort in my struggle to break free from religion. At this moment in time I consider myself a secular humanist. I have not shared this yet publicly with others. I am slowly building up to that point. I want to be honest, but I know how they are going to view me, as an outsider or a lost soul.

I know I'm not lost, in fact I've never been so sure about life before. When you put religion aside many things become so clear. I have a genuine concern for the people I love who put so much of themselves into various church roles. I want to shout from the rooftop that there is true freedom away from religion....I just don't quite know how. Again thank you all for your stories. Some I've read several times and every time they leave me a little stronger!