Join Recovering Fundamentalists

Join Recovering Fundamentalists

Published: April 10, 2010 at 7:14am UTC
Recovering Fundamentalists needs your help. We are experiencing tremendous response to our new recovery program. There are a lot of people suffering from abusive religious backgrounds. They need to know that we are here to help.
Recovering Fundamentalists consists of 2 primary departments: Discovery and Recovery. The discovery department focuses on providing thought provoking and conversation inducing content generation. Subjects include evolution, physics, religion, politics, humor, and much more. It is our hope that this content can help to reconcile a blossoming recognition of truth versus a lifetime of dogmatic education. Discovery: The recovery department focuses on helping people recover from abusive religious backgrounds. The recovery department is headed by Dr. Marlene Winell, Ph.D. Recovery: We are currently looking for volunteers for both departments. Volunteer tasks could include: -Content. We could use regular content contribution for both our recovery and discovery departments. Such areas of expertise may include psychology, clergy, biology, physics, etc. If you don't want to write, feel free to post interesting ideas and links to our Facebook fan page. Our authors will keep an eye on the stream to inspire new content. - Marketing. We'll need to spread the word. How can you help? Do you have a blog? Are you active on Twitter or Facebook? We could also use some help analyzing the web behavior of our target audience. We could teach you how to do this. - Counseling. Some people just need to be heard. Do you have time to listen? - Copy. Not only do we need content for our blogs, but we could also use a writer for marketing materials (example: and general information content, such as this post. - Technology. We could use programmers or developers to help build and finish the applications on our road map. - Video Editing. We have tons of audio and video footage that needs edited. We could use some help. - Resource Organization. We need to organize our resources. Resources include other websites, specialists, events and related organizations. We have applications in place to organize this data, we just need some one to collect and enter it into our system. - Moderate Content. We could use help monitoring comments, resources, and content contributed by anonymous sources. We realize the need to allow anonymous contribution due to the sensitive nature of our subject matter. Doing so requires more careful moderation.

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