Fundamental Misconceptions of Science

Published on Friday, April 30, 2010 By jetchison

Like many of you, I left my faith with an abiding mistrust of religion. But since I had been listening for decades to a man talk from behind a pulpit, those teachings made a significant dent in my thinking. I didn’t realize it, but I had also been left with a deep mistrust of science. So when attempting to redraw my world view, I had a very difficult time finding anything I could believe in. I could barely even trust my own perceptions.

I eventually realized that I had been severely misguided when it came to science.

I’d like to talk about six misconceptions regarding science that are frequently taught in many mainstream Christian religions. I’m not saying that all churches spread these misconceptions, but I know that I was taught them, and I frequently hear them when dialoging with other Christians. These misconceptions are prevalent, if not all-pervasive.

These articles may help the newly de-converted to trust what I think is the most reliable source of information available: science. Another way they might be useful is that when people of reason find themselves dialoging with people of faith, the heart of the debate can often be distilled down to one or more of these misconceptions.

Fundamental Misconceptions of Science Series


  1. Marlene Winell says:

    Hi Jim,
    Great topic, and very important. I look forward to the rest of your points, and I hope you also say something about why distrusting science can be serious.

  2. Dennis Murphy says:

    Hello Jim,

    Your article on “Misconception #1: Scientists Have an Atheist Agenda.” is very interesting as you expose the truth behind the fundamentalist’s claim that science is atheistic.

    Like many people who were brought up as fundamentalists in their upbringing and thinking, I too have changed my mind on this “religious” view of science as a result of various experiences over the years. My break with fundamentalism came as a result of a discussion in the church I was associated with over the subjects of Creation Science and Intelligent Design versus science. The final straw that made me leave the church was the hostile attitude directed at me as a result of the book that I wrote that laid out my reasons for rejecting the ideas of CS and ID and turning to the science view of the creation of the universe and all therein.

    You, or some of your readers may be interested in it as it explores my reasons for changing my views as well as a fairly comprehensive debunking of the Intelligent Design movement. It can be downloaded FREE from SCRIBD on the link below

    Title – “Creationism versus Genesis”

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