To help those seeking to recover from fundamentalist religious systems reconcile a blossoming recognition of truth versus a lifetime of dogmatic education.


It's nearly impossible to escape abusive or dogmatic religious systems alone. The process of recovery from religious indoctrination involves several phases for most people. A key component to a healthy recovery is communicating with people who have previously been through or are currently in a similar phase.

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Everyone who recovers from fundamentalism has a unique story, but many stories share common threads that can inspire in tough times.

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One of the first phases of recovery from fundamentalism is the discovery of new information. We provide access to the ideas and understandings that have helped many people recover.

How it all began

Since Facebook got established, the site has attained almost 750 million active users, while additionally acquiring a great deal of critique on its privacy policies. The reason is that the website motivates unsuspecting users to put a great deal of their private information on the internet. This happens to be the main reason why online hackers are so largely drawn to the website. To them, hacking into a Facebook account is so simple that it requires only a few clicks to access the private information linked to any account. Even more importantly, together with your friends, even their friends are provided the ability to take a look at your user profile. Because of this, it's important that you take a couple steps to ensure that your Facebook account stays safe and sound all the time.

The hackers are often unknown people

First, avoid adding unknown people onto your friend's list on Facebook.. To boost your account's safety, just take a look at your friend's list every now and then just to ensure that any unknown people have not had the opportunity to gain access to it. Don't, as a rule, acknowledge requests from unknown people because they may be sent by phishing sites who would like to gain access to your private information. To make sure that your internet browser's security attributes remain up-to-date, ensure that you update it every time that a brand new version is offered. Conducting routine virus scans is essential to assure the safety of your Facebook account...

Protect your Facebook account password!

Being cautious is vital to secure your Facebook account from being hacked. Don't click on a URL without validating it. If the link appears unusual or out of character for the person who sent it, don't click it. Online hackers have a tendency to upload a harmful code to the Facebook accounts they hack into, where the code posts itself to the wall. The procedure is then replicated every time that your friends click it. One other extremely popular way of hacking into Facebook accounts is utilizing outside links that lead users to Facebook's home page.. Should you be uncertain of a weblink, go to and sign in from there.. Your hacking prevention technique additionally counts considerably over the effectiveness of your password.. Pick a password that is at least 6 characters that utilizes a mix of characters, numbers and symbols.. Info such as your pet's name, or perhaps your date of birth should not be utilized for this particular reason..Together with all these common-sense techniques, Facebook has additionally developed safety features that assist you with hacking prevention. You'll be able to read about them on Facebook's Help Center.

Don't use public computers which may be hacked

You should avoid signing into your profile from public computers, but when there's a need for you to do so, just obtain a one-time password from The best thing about this distinctly generated password is that it is only going to be valid for Twenty minutes. Moreover, take a look at your login notifications to find out whether or not somebody else logged in to your profile. This particular feature will inform you every time your profile is accessed using a new computer system or device. Login approvals happen to be a variant of this particular feature you can make use of. This delivers a secure code on your cell phone when your profile is accessed through a new device. There is also the secure browsing feature which will encrypt your personal information prior to posting it on the web. You can easily determine if this feature is turned on by examining the URL or website address in your browser’s address bar. In case secure browsing is turned on, the url will begin with HTTPS in contrast to HTTP

In conclusion

If you want your facebook account to remain safe under every circumstances, ensure that you adhere to the guidelines described above. Even if a person knows how to hack a Facebook account he won't be able to hack you if you keep the above mentioned points in mind.

Another approach to security

Facebook's online privacy policies have long been a source of major criticism for the social media giant, though it holds an amazing reputation amongst nearly 750 million active users. This is because the site motivates naive users to put a lot of their private information online. It for this reason that the social networking site has acquired such a lot of recognition amongst online hackers. Hacking into a Facebook account, even for the most amateur hacker is incredibly simple. The worst part is that there are many people who have access to your profile on Facebook - even friends of your friends can look it over. Therefore, to keep your account and private information safe, make sure that you go through the steps mentioned below.

Know your friends!

Your list on Facebook, for a start, must not have any unknown people added on to it.. People normally add countless people on to their friend's list on Facebook, but the worst part is that they hardly know any of the people they add. Adding any unknown people on to your list of friends on Facebook is just going to prove advantageous for online hackers as they will be in a better position to hack in to your profile. Most importantly, you must routinely look at your list of friends to ensure that you haven't unconsciously added any strangers to it - people who should not be able to gain access to your user profile. Another vital step that you need to take is that of upgrading your internet browser each time that a fresh version is available to enhance its safety features. It is also recommended for you to conduct a virus scan on your computer system to keep your susceptability low..

Considerable vigilance is required so you might stay safe against all hacking attempts by people who knows how to hack a Facebook account, such as the password recovery tools such as Blue Portal. No links should be accessed without getting verified. There exists a good chance that hackers will use malicious code to be able to access your Facebook account. The procedure is then performed again when your friends click this link. Yet another method of hacking Facebook accounts are outside links When in doubt about a url that asks you to log on to Facebook, ignore it, go to and log in from there Your password additionally has to be strong, so make it a bit complicated by making use of numbers, alphabets and even symbols Any apparent information, such as your pet's name, must not be used for your password Moreover, ensure that you access Facebook's Help Center to have a look at the additional safety features that have been developed by Facebook

Logging in to your account from a public computer is extremely risky so do so by requesting a one-time password from Facebook. The password that will send out to you is going to be applicable for only 20 minutes, thereby preventing online hackers from getting to copy your original password. Login notifications are going to help you determine whether somebody else tried to access your account or not. There is also a feature named login approvals that you can benefit from. Every time you make use of a new device to log in to your account, a secure code is delivered to your mobile phone. Yet another thing that you need to pursue is that of secure browsing. This feature actually encrypts your info before posting it on the internet. Check out the Web address in your address bar to ensure that this particular feature is enabled. If it starts with 'https', instead of 'http', then secure browsing is turned on.

In conclusion

Taking on all these steps will help you ensure that your experience on Facebook is safe at all times. Take your time to become familiar with the security and privacy features the site offers and save yourself from prying eyes..

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In a nation with 3 million hungry children and 2 million prison inmates, the abolishment of Planned Parenthood seems unreasonable. Once again, religion can be found where reason is lost.
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Like many of you, I left my faith with an abiding mistrust of religion. But since I had been listening for decades to a man talk from behind a pulpit, those teachings made a significant dent in my thinking. I eventually realized tha
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This is a transcript of the keynote address at the annual meetings of the Eremos Institute of Australian Spirituality in Sydney, 1996. In the talk, Winell addressed the need to understand spirituality more broadly and to find ways to e
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By Dr. Marlene Winell I get this question so frequently, I?ve decided to make a better effort to reply. To be honest, I don?t like the question because it presumes we know what those words mean. Here are some responses, touc
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