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To help those seeking to recover from fundamentalist religious systems reconcile a blossoming recognition of truth versus a lifetime of dogmatic education.


It's nearly impossible to escape abusive or dogmatic religious systems alone. The process of recovery from religious indoctrination involves several phases for most people. A key component to a healthy recovery is communicating with people who have previously been through or are currently in a similar phase.

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Everyone who recovers from fundamentalism has a unique story, but many stories share common threads that can inspire in tough times.

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One of the first phases of recovery from fundamentalism is the discovery of new information. We provide access to the ideas and understandings that have helped many people recover.

Watch Mike Huckabee contradict the GOP principles of gun control while insulting the decency of society as a whole.
Tags: GOP, Gun Control, Mike Huckabee, Ronald Reagan, featured
Type: Cause
Frank Schaeffer discusses Mitt Romney's punch-the-token-gay fiasco.
Tags: LGBT Rights, Politics, featured, Frederick Douglass, gay rights, Islam, Mitt Romney, Richard Grenell
Type: Cause
Of all of the negative aspects of religion, I have found none of them to be more profoundly damaging to human dignity and self-respect than the threat of Hell for non-believers.
Tags: Christianity, Agnostic, Atheist, burden of proof, evidence, fear of hell, featured, hell, Pascal's Wager, religious abuse
Type: Cause
Here's my (satirical-but-all-too-true?) version of the bishop's anti-Obama "Statement on Religious Liberty".
Tags: Politics, Barack Obama, Catholic, Ronny E. Jenkins, tea party, USCCB
Type: Cause
Check out highlights from the Reason Rally on the National Mall.
Tags: Bad Religion, featured, Michael Shermer, Reason Rally, Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin
Type: Cause
Watch Kirk's BFF Ray Comfort make an ass of himself by using a banana to prove the existence of a divine creator.
Tags: Pop Culture, CCOKC, creation debunked, intelligent design, Kirk Cameron, featured
Type: Cause
Recovering Fundamentalists Co-Founder Drew Stedman will appear on BBC One's Sunday Morning Live on August 7, 2011 to discuss his personal experiences with exorcisms.
Tags: BBC, Drew Stedman, exorcism, featured, Sunday Morning Live
Type: Cause
In a nation with 3 million hungry children and 2 million prison inmates, the abolishment of Planned Parenthood seems unreasonable. Once again, religion can be found where reason is lost.
Tags: abortion, featured, greater good, human condition, Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, pro-choice, pro-life, women's rights
Type: Cause
This series will focus on some of the many errors within the Bible in the hope that those who are questioning these beliefs will find the information helpful.
Tags: deSkepticon, Dismantling Fundamentalism, featured
Type: Cause
Most religions posit the existence not just of a supernatural realm, but of supernatural persons, with loyalties, preferences and other human psychological qualities including emotions.
Tags: Bishop John Shelby Spong, Does God exist?, Einstein, featured, Spinoza
Type: Cause
Memetics in action. The latest decal to festoon the windows of cars all over the country is the edgy ?NotW? sticker. You may have seen it. It bears the tough-looking lines of any other clothing or car accessory logo.
Tags: brainwashing children, featured, Memetics, notW, notW Clothing, notW stickers, propaganda, Richard Dawkins
Type: Cause
When having honest discussions with Christians, I?ve heard many times that they feel the universe is a more beautiful place because God is in it. What we deem as beautiful is often a result of what we?ve been conditioned to think is be
Tags: Carl Sagan, featured, Isaac Newton, John Keats, Richard Dawkins
Type: Cause
Watch music videos for the first two tracks off of Recovering Fundamentalists co-founder Drew Stedman's upcoming EP "If the Fires Exist".
Tags: Atheist Music, Drew Stedman, featured, The Fires Exist EP
Type: Cause
The universe is very very very very very big. Therefore it is very very very very very old. Read about how we know this...
Tags: Debunking Creationism, Age of Earth, featured, Hubble, Protoplanetary Disk, Star Formation, universe
Type: Cause
My high school literature teacher said that any plot can be reduced to one of three basic conflicts: Man against nature, man against man, or man against self.
Tags: featured, Hope, Human Nature, humanity, Madagascar, Mankind, unity
Type: Cause
Like many of you, I left my faith with an abiding mistrust of religion. But since I had been listening for decades to a man talk from behind a pulpit, those teachings made a significant dent in my thinking. I eventually realized tha
Tags: deconvert, featured, getting new information, Science
Type: Cause
Frank Schaeffer Discusses Growing Up Fundamentalist then Joining the Human Race. Other boys might have been worrying about baseball; I was worrying about discerning God's will for my life. Ours was a life of self-examining spiritual intensity.
Tags: Christianity, Evolution, Calvin Becker, Faith, featured, Portofino, Zermatt
Type: Cause
Imagine a situation where Bibles or Korans are literally the only written texts around. Imagine, too, that schools are virtually all in the hands of sectarian interests.
Tags: Bible, featured, Koran, Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Twain, Nepal, Outliers, Qur'an
Type: Cause
This is a transcript of the keynote address at the annual meetings of the Eremos Institute of Australian Spirituality in Sydney, 1996. In the talk, Winell addressed the need to understand spirituality more broadly and to find ways to e
Tags: bliss, courage, Faith, featured, growth, healing, responsibility, spirituality, truth, wholeness
Type: Cause
A federal prosecutor in Michigan says authorities decided to arrest members of the Hutaree Christian militia after learning "they were prepared to kill."
Tags: Abusive Religion, Christian Militia, End Times, featured, Religious Violence
Type: Cause